Borodirect Mushroom Marble Hand Pipe

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A unique little piece, the Mushroom Marble Hand Pipe is a spoon-shaped pipe that features yellow and black twists. Even though the color scheme looks great, what really makes this pipe stand out is the fact that it is covered in marble accents. The marbles are actually shaped like mushrooms and come in a host of different colors, making for a fun, unique and totally trippy appearance. They also provide a great grip when you're lighting and inhaling from the pipe.

Since it features fumed glass, you can expect for your pipe to change colors over time. This happens as your pipe is heated up by the flame. You never know what colors to expect, so it can be a fun mystery to watch your pipe change colors as time goes on. However, even before this happens, you're sure to love the fun style of this pipe.

Additionally, along with looking really cool, this pipe is fully functional. Unlike some smaller pipes that are around the same size as this one, this Mushroom Marble Hand Pipe actually features a nice, deep bowl. This means that you have plenty of room to fill the bowl with tobacco or dry herb. Additionally, it's made of thick, heavy-duty glass, so even though it comes with a cheap price tag, it's far from a cheaply made pipe. Instead, it's a pipe that you can use for a long time to come without worrying too much about cracks or other damage.

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