Borodirect Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece

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The Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece is perfectly crafted to give you a satisfying smoking session. The piece is 7 inches tall and features a 10mm male joint and comes with a nail and a 10 mm frosted female dome. 

This dab rig looks amazing with a sandblasted design and hexagon pattern, and the streamline percolator forces your smoke to undergo a filtration process that leaves you with a clean and smooth hit every time. The inline perc forces water and smoke to go through a number of holes and slits, removing large pieces of ash as well as toxins and carcinogens. The angled side car mouthpiece design acts as a splashguard so you never have to worry about getting water in your mouth, and the flared mouthpiece feels comfortable and creates a perfect, smoke trapping seal. 

This piece is made from clear borosilicate glass which makes it durable and hard to break and the round base gives the rig a solid foundation on any surface. The size and durability of this rig make it perfect for transporting. This piece can be used as a personal daily smoker or can be broken out and passed around at large social gatherings.

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