Medium Hard Top 4 Piece Grinder

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Cali Crusher Hard Top 4 Piece Grinders are made in the USA using a production process that ensures durability and functionality. The grinders are made using high-grade CNC aluminum and then anodized to create a scratch resistant protective coat.

The 4 piece grinder features diamond shaped teeth the cut and tear through herb evenly and thoroughly leaving you with a consistently fine grind. The quality materials used to make the grinder mean that the teeth will never dull and you never have to worry about getting aluminum shavings in your herb.

To use the grinder, the herb is placed between the teeth in the top chamber of the grinder. The top piece is then rotated by hand, both clockwise and counterclockwise. The ground herb falls through holes into the middle chamber where it can be retrieved. Between the middle and the bottom chambers of the grinder, there is a woven stainless steel screen which allows the tiniest fragments of your herb to pass through and collect into the bottom chamber, which features a small scoop.̴Ì_

This Cali Crushers grinder is perfect for the frequent smoker. The size allows large amounts of herb to be ground and stored at once, meaning you won‰ۡó»t have to waste time breaking up herb by hand. The consistent grind also provides a smoother and tastier smoke.

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