Chameleon Glass Reggae Sunsplash

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Lots of curves and a splash of sunshine. That is a great way to begin describing the Chameleon Glass Reggae Sunsplash. The deep bowl design offers you plenty of space to pack in the tobacco. The rounded bowl curves up into a beautifully rounded stem, ending in a delicate draw.

The entire pipe is made with high quality glass, hand blown in Arizona by glass artisans. The piece is made with thick glass walls to ensure it can take the wear of frequent use. The simple design of the bowl and stem offer beauty as well as easy use.

The best part of the Chameleon Glass Reggae Sunsplash is the unique sunsplash splatter design on the top of the stem. The exact color of the splash is going to vary according to the color of the pipe. You can choose from three different pipe colors: white, black and green. With the white pipe, you get an intense yellow and orange splash. With the black, the splash is a mellow yellow with a black center. The green pipe has a beautiful yellow and red center.

If you want a deep bowl pipe, with a unique design, you can get just that with the Chameleon Glass Reggae Sunsplash.

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