Storage Container

by CVault
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It's not always particularly obvious what you should do with your dry herbs and glass pieces when they aren't being used, but there are several options. Most people feel the need to make sure their products aren't simply lying out in the open, so some sort of hiding spot or protective area would be best. There are hundreds of products out there that can help with this, but none are quite as effective and discreet as the CVault Storage Container.

This durable container is made from strong stainless steel and features a thick silicone sealing ring to make sure nothing gets in or out, and that includes any odor. There are multiple size options for this container, and all but the smallest have three separate latches that keep the lid pressed tightly and sealed completely. The small container merely uses a snapping lid that connects with the base component. No matter which size you select, you'll get the same sealing power.

To add even more utility to the container, it also comes with a Boveda/Humidipak that protects the internal environment from completely drying out. This creates the perfect environment for storing your dry herbs, and it prevents anything from going stale within the container. The XL size can hold up to two liters of volume, which should be more than enough for the average user.

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