Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler

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Bubblers are great for many different occasions, and they're much more convenient for quick sessions than pieces that are significantly larger. Most larger pieces have removable components that make using them even more complex, but bubblers are single-component pieces with a high degree of stability and convenience. When it comes to selecting a bubbler, what you really need to decide is the aesthetic you'd like. There are thousands of different ways bubblers might be decorated or designed, and this Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler from Dankstop is one of the most striking options available anywhere.

What makes a dichroic design amazing is that a stripe of colored glass is infused with tiny specks of material that sparkle in the light. This gives the piece a unique appearance that can't be repeated. Each piece is handblown and uses random colors, so no two pieces are even close to alike. The downstem for the piece is fixed and connects directly to the bowl, and there are glass marbles attached to each side of the bowl for added grip.

This pipe measures roughly 6.5 inches tall and has a perfectly flat bottom to it can easily balance on any flat surface. It's made of a combination of clear and colored glass, so its visualizations are quite appealing. You can maintain the natural beauty of the piece with hot water and soap or almost any type of cleaner that's safe for standard glass. Add one of these gorgeous water bubblers to your collection of glass pieces.

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