Dankstop Titan 1 Herbal Vaporizer Kit

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If you're in the market for a new dry herb vaporizer, the Titan 1 Herbal Vaporizer Kit from Dankstop might be the way to go. This sleek device measures a mere 5.5 inches long so it'll fit in your pocket or purse with ease, and it has three preset temperature options for optimal vaping potential. The unit comes with either a red or black finish, and it is compatible with ground dried herbs. As a vape pen, this piece is meant to offer electronic vaporization of your dried herbs while on the go.

This is a direct draw vaporizer, which means it only produces the vapor that you draw from it. This helps the user maintain even hits and avoids wasted product. To help with keeping the device in perfect working condition, it comes with a number of useful accessories like extra mesh screens, two short replacement mouthpieces, two long replacement mouthpieces, a charging cable for the internal battery, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, and the storage box that the piece ships in.

There aren't many other modern vape pens for dry herbs with the intuitive nature and slim design of the Titan 1. It has a large capacity within the heating chamber so you won't have to reload it often, and the included cleaning brush makes it easy to wipe away any residue in the chamber.

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