Dr. Dabber's Aura Vaporizer Pen Kit

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The Aura Vaporizer Pen Kit by Dr. Dabber is a high-class vaporizer pen great for vapers who have to travel a lot. This particular set includes the Aura Vaporizer Pen, of course, and also three magnetic atomizers: quartz on quartz, ceramic on quartz, and a ceramic halo on quartz. As described on the Dr. Dabber website, the quartz on quartz is perfect for lighter oils. The ceramic rod on quartz is good for thick oils. The ceramic halo heater on quartz is best for waxier oils.

This kit also includes a loading tool, a silicone storage container, a magnetic USB charger, and a keychain. This kit all comes to the price of $100 on Dr. Dabber‰۪s official website.

This pen‰۪s design is very discreet, convenient, and stylish. The three heat settings allow the user to experiment and discover the optimal temperature for their vaping experience. The pen is entirely magnetic, which makes it extremely easy to take apart and put back together again. You do not need to worry about threading with this product. Just snap-on, snap-off. It‰۪s really that simple.åÊ

The color of this particular vaporizer is satin, which allows for great discretion. If you are taking a vaporizer with you to work, this might be your best option. The Aura Vaporizer Pen is portable and designed to be discreet enough for a perfect afternoon vape break. Since this vaporizer is a pen, this is also great for travel.

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