King Size Artesano Rolling Papers with Tips

Perhaps one of the more popular king-size tobacco rolling paper options, Elements King Size Atesano Rolling Papers with Tips are made in Alcoy, Spain and imported to the United States.

In each pack, you will find 33 leaves for your rolling needs. Each rolling paper is watermarked, which helps prevent runs and will help you ensure that your rolled product burns evenly. Unlike many of the rolling papers on the market, these rolling papers do not have any added chemicals, so you can keep it all natural. Made of rice paper, these rolling papers are extra thin, so you'll be able to actually taste the product rather than just the paper, as can be the case with many other types of rolling papers.

The box that these rolling papers come in is sturdy and helps protect the rolling papers from damage when not in use. Additionally, there is a magnetic closure, so you can easily keep your box closed in-between uses. The tips are also included, so you will not have to worry about doing without or buying them separately and adding to the cost. For those who are looking for premium rolling papers at a reasonable price, this is a great choice.

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