Empire Glassworks Dragon Themed Mini Spoon Pipe

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Dragons are perhaps the most popular mythical creature in the world, and they have been found in the history of almost every human civilization that has ever existed. People feel a strange kinship with these legendary beasts, and collectors of hand-crafted glass pipes will certainly enjoy exploring that kinship with the purchase of a Dragon Themed Spoon Pipe from Empire Glassworks. This pipe starts with the basic spoon design that many handblown pipes use as a template, but it then includes an additional worked glass dragon that wraps around the entire piece.

The head of the dragon holds the greatest level of detail, and it rests on the bowl of the piece. There are also a number of raised glass bumps on the bowl for additional grip. Like all pieces from Empire Glassworks, these pipes were made in America by professional glass workers with tremendous skill. The glass is thick and highly durable, and the pipe comes in multiple colors. Each dragon is finished with complete detail, including worked teeth, eyes, nose, and horns. This amount of detail takes years to perfect, and Empire Glassworks is known for their ability to create such wonderful pieces of art.

Since this pipe is made from sturdy borosilicate glass, it can be cleaned using warm or hot water along with a cleaning product or nearly any variety of chemical degreaser. Proper maintenance will keep the pipe looking sharp and any smoke produced by the pipe clean and pure. Add one of these to your set today.

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