Extreme Q Vaporizer

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The all new Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer has been completely redesigned for improved performance and enhanced longevity. A dual purpose vape that can either be used with a whip or a bag depending on your preference, the Arizer Extreme Q is rated as one of the best desktop vapes for use with dry herbs.åÊ

The modern, sophisticated design of this device features a round, flat base with a shiny metallic cylinder that can be placed on the desk and plugged in. Place your herbs into the bowl that is over the heating element, then attach the bag or whip depending on your preferred method of vaping. From there, just sit back and relax; the Extreme Q is equipped with a remote, so you can start it up from across the room and allow the vapor to build up before heading back to inhale. This cool feature sets the Extreme Q apart from similar desktop vapes.åÊ

Users love the Arizer Extreme Q's quiet, inconspicuous operation, ease of use, and excellent taste production. Not only is this vaporizer a great value, but it also includes a full accessory package with whips, bags, mouthpieces, extra screens, the aforementioned remote, and a stirring tool to make sure your dry herb gets vaped evenly.

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