F5 Premium Cotton for RDAs-2G

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F5 Premium Cotton for RDAs-2G, otherwise known as Cloud Chasers, are the perfect way to make wicks. The wicks you'll make with F5 Premium Cotton for RDAs-2G will saturate fast, and they will last through several uses without getting burned or charred. The cotton found here is completely organic, and you can be assured that you'll get a clean, smooth vape from it. This cotton is prepared without bleach and pesticides, so there's nothing but clean, pure cotton, from which the plant and natural oils have been removed. The purification process of removing these oils ensures that you get the best possible cotton fibers ever used for vaping. After the purification process, the fibers are hand-spun. The thinly spun thread you end up using can neatly fit in a coil, which is F5 Premium Cotton for RDAs-2G in its best form.

One unit of this cotton has eight grams of cotton, and this amount will last for quite a while, making your vape extended if you want it to be. The cotton can be wound to fit inside even the smallest of coils. If you tighten the hot coil around the cotton, you will be sure to vaporize faster, and this will also stabilize the coil. This premium material is perfect for enthusiastic vaping.

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