Female Angled Domeless Quartz Nail

Dank Stop's Female Angled Domeless Quartz Nail, is available in 14 or 18mm sizes. The nail is made of a very high quality quartz that fits standard male joints. The quartz is among the best in durability and heat dissipation, allowing you to get the most out your dab. With the angled top, you can expect ease of use unrivaled in other brands. The angled top also allows for easy cleaning for when it gets ashy. The domeless design allows for you load up a larger dab than other nails, getting you a longer way before needing to take a break for cleaning. The 14mm size is perfect for your own the go dabbing, due to the small size and portability it requires in your dab. The 18mm size is perfect for those larger dabs that you look forward to at parties, or in small social settings. At home, solo, either size is a perfect fit depending on what you're looking for. 

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