SlapPack Lighter Holster

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There are few things worse than losing your lighter in the middle of smoking, especially if there's friends around. Save yourself the embarrassment and annoyance of fumbling around looking for it and get use a Higher State Creations SlapPack lighter holster.

Higher State Creations is one of the leading creators of smoking accessories. Their SlapPack lighter holsters are just one of their many quality products available for the enthusiastic smoker looking to add a little extra convenience to their routine.

The SlapPack is designed to attach firmly and safely around a bong, dab rig, or recycler rig. Made of high grade silicon in many different colors (including black, white, gray, blue, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, teal, and sky blue), it not only looks good but helps you keep track of your lighter.

The main features of the SlapPack includes a snug holster for your lighter, letting you keep it secure against the side of your rig so that it never gets lost no matter how crazy the party turns out to be. Additionally, two extra slots on the side are available to hold a dabber and poker, meaning you can keep everything you need in one place without the risk of losing them.

If you normally have trouble keeping track of your smoking essentials, a Higher State Creations SlapPack might be just what you need to keep everything organized.

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