iolite Original Vaporizer

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The iolite Original Vaporizer is a classic best seller with a focus on usability. It's a lightweight, portable, butane powered product that's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while producing large clouds of rich vapor quickly and effectively.åÊ

The soft, effective silicone mouthpiece lets you inhale cool vapor while easily folding away for a truly compact silhouette, while the vented design keeps the unit cool and prevents your dry herbs from combusting. To use, simply press the ignition button as you would with a butane lighter. The orange indicator light is illuminated while the mechanism is heating to the ideal temperature, and deactivates when the vape is ready to use. Fill the storage chamber to about 3/4 of the way up, allowing room for hot air to circulate throughout the ground herb.åÊ

The butane mechanism makes this the perfect vape to use on the go. Instead of struggling with a power adaptor or inconvenient batteries that lose their charge, simply pop in a spare butane cartridge, push the button, and vape away. It's both easy to use and environmentally friendly. This powerful, well designed vaporizer is available in eight fashion colors. Choose the iolite for a great value and a design that can be used even by the vaping novice.

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