JT Mods Matchlock MOD Stater Kit w/ RDA

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JT Mods Matchlock MOD Starter Kit w/RDA is a hard hitting E-Cig/vape. The MOD and RDA are assembled in the USA with high grade materials. They have T-6 6061 aerospace billet aluminum tube and caps with stainless steel or copper caps and buttons. Due to its high conductivity, all the connections to the battery are made with 99.99 percent pure copper. At a width of 22mm and a height of 99mm, the MOD does not add much more weight/size than a normal RDA even though it packs much more power in its airflow capabilities. The MOD comes with standard 510 coils. The MOD comes built with good ventilation for the battery and has Delrin insulation. The MOD comes in many different colors including red, pink, blue, silver, black, and more, and it also has laser etched engravings on the side.åÊ

This Matchlock MOD Starter Kit comes with a matching RDA that is made of 303 stainless steel. Like the MOD, it comes with 99.99 pure copper connections that provide maximum conductivity for the battery. At 22mm, the RDA comes with 2 different caps and tips to be customized for the user. As opposed to RBA's, RDA's do not have a tank to hold the water. This allows the vape to be more easily customized by allowing the user to change out the coils and even add more coils.åÊ
MOD's are essentially "beefed up" by having a larger power source. They are bigger than normal vapes, but they pack a bigger punch. Having a larger power source allows the coils to be heated to a hotter temperature for longer and creates more vapor for bigger hits to be taken by the user.

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