Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

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The Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter kit includes all that vapers who love cloud-chasing need at a very affordable price. The starter kit is really great for beginning vapers, or more advanced vapers who want to get into sub-ohm experiences. If you are in the market for a sub-ohm cloud producing experience, look no further than this starter kit. In this kit, you get the Subtank Mini and the KBOX Mini. You do need to order an 18650 battery for this device, so be sure you either order on or have one on hand. There is a USB port and cable included for the KBOX for charging.

You can adjust the wattage of the KBOX Mini 7 to 50 watts. There are also a bunch of safety features in this device, which makes it great for new or inexperienced vapers. The KBOX will cut off if it detects a safety hazard. There is short circuit protection and low voltage and resistance protection.

The Subtank Mini has an organic Japanese cotton coil head and features a glass case.åÊ

You have to ensure that your batteries and mod can handle Sub OHM coils. If you have any questions or concerns, take a look at the directions and suggestions online, which will be linked below. There is an OHM Calculator linked below so you can be sure you are handling these products with the utmost safety and care.

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