Kung Po Kittens Milk Saki Bomb E Juice

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Don't settle for the ordinary when it comes to your e-juice. For a dose of something out of the ordinary try one of the Saki Bomb flavors. These premium e-juices are inspired by the work of glass artist SakiBomb Hackysacky, and they show the same verve, originality and style that she does. If you're looking for a vape experience that stands out from others then this is the e-juice for you.åÊ

One of the Saki Bomb lineup's best flavors is Kung Pao Kitten's Milk. Don't let the cute name fool you; this is a serious taste sensation with grown-up sophistication. If you've ever tried horchata, the Mexican beverage made of almond milk, you'll have an idea what this tastes like. It's a warm, silky-smooth mix of vanilla and almond with a strain of cinnamon running through it. Saki Bomb has taken this popular flavor and added its own dash of spices to it, resulting in a rich taste experience. It's like drinking sweet cream with cinnamon toast but there are zero calories.åÊ

If you're a fan of creamy flavors this will please your palate. Every Saki Bomb juice flavor is an exotic mix of tastes and Kung Pao Kitten's Milk is no exception. This is a great-tasting e-juice that also produces a great-smelling vapor sure to draw the right kind of attention.

You use Kitten's Milk just like any other e-juice. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a kitten on the label and is made from premium ingredients.åÊ

Kung Pao Kitten's Milk comes in 12mg, 6mg and 3mg nicotine and is also available nicotine-free.åÊ

Don't wait to get your paws on some Kitten's Milk. This e-juice will have you purring with satisfaction.

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