Lifestyle Digital Vaporizer

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Hands free technology is the distinguishing characteristic of the Lifestyle Digital, a highly advanced box style desktop vaporizer. Combining classic styling with digital functionality, this unit features direct inhalation without the need for a plastic whip and a powerful ceramic heating element with replaceable glass cover sleeve. The durable, high quality construction is backed up by a five-year manufacturer warranty.

To use the Lifestyle Digital Vaporizer, simply turn the rotary dial clockwise until you hear a distinctive click. Then, set the dial to your desired temperature level. While you're waiting for the vaporizer to heat, ground your dry herb to a fine consistency. Pack the material into the glass bowl until it's about 1/3 full. Slide the whip onto the heating element, then wait two to three minutes before enjoying a thick cloud of vapor.åÊ

Choose from a thick, lightweight polycarbonate case in gray, red, or blue, all of which feature a highly accurate digital temperature readout. Direct inhalation through the unique color changing wand allows for a truly hands free experience that protects your mouth from the heat while providing highly effective vaporization.

If you're looking for a hands free, digital desktop unit that's a great value, consider the Lifestyle Digital Vaporizer.

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