"Stanley" Long Boss

“Stanley” by Long-Bong is a staggering 56 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds when empty(up to 48 pounds when filled with water). The piece features a 90-degree joint stem and a female mouthpiece joint that fits any male accessory of the same size. It also features a Dewar’s joint, which is a small glass tube that connects to the chamber. This creates extra support for the glass pipe. 

This piece comes with a mounting kit that allows you to take apart the rig for easy cleaning or transportation and then allows you to reassemble it. It also includes three different mouthpieces that are dish washer safe, a stainless steel bowl, steel screens, and a cleaning kit. 

The Stanley is made from clear borosilicate glass which gives it a durable quality. This scientific glass comes shaped into a laboratory design, making the piece resemble beakers and straight tubes. Not only does this bong look amazing, but its massive size also allows you to take the biggest hits of your life. 

The impressive size of this piece makes it great for parties and entertaining. Because it breaks down and reassembles so easily, it is a breeze to take this bong anywhere you want to go. The Stanley also makes a great addition to living room decor.

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