Mad Hatters I Love Cookies E Juice

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One of the best flavors in the world, and number one dessert of your childhood, is milk and cookies. When fresh-baked and warm, the cookies are gooey and delicious, oozing with sticky sweetness that has you smacking your lips in anticipation. The milk is ice cold, poured into a tall glass with a lip wide enough for dipping your decadent confections into. Maximum yum. Taking a puff of the Mad Hatter I Love Cookies E-Juice 30ml is like taking a trip back to the fondest, most delicious moments of your childhood.åÊ

From the first whiffs to the last puffs, this blend features a double dose of decadent cookie and cool milk flavors, with hints of sugared strawberries and smooth caramel. Many reviewers have mixed thoughts as to the flavors though. Some taste dollops of chocolate chips, while others are more drawn to sugar cookies, drizzled with a sticky, sweet glaze. If you never had a craving for cookies before, you most certainly will proclaim, ‰ÛÏI Love Cookies‰۝ afterwards.åÊ

The box for this vape dessert combo has a retro oven theme, reminiscent of the 1950s. In bright yellow with bold outlines in vivid red, all of the elements to baking a delicious cookie are represented. You fully expect a vintage housewife to show up on the box at any moment, offering you a 3D hit of your favorite fresh-baked confections with cold glass of milk and a smile.åÊ

There are four levels of satisfying nicotine‰ÛÓ0MG, 3MG, 6MG, or 12MG‰ÛÓeach boasting the same great flavors with varying degrees of nicotine kick to soothe your cravings. The 60/40 VG/PG ratio means smooth puffs with huge vape clouds, coupled with hits of dessert flavors. Each puff leads with the sweetness of crumbly cookies, and ends with the refreshing coolness of chilled milk.

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