Mini Newport Cigar Torch

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In smoking, the only thing more important that what you're about to inhale is what you light it with. While a match or a regular dollar store lighter will do the job, a true smoking aficionado is better than that. They know it's about the look and feel of your lighter as much as it is about the lighting aspect.

That's why serious smokers should turn to the mini Newport butane cigar torch. Designed to emulate the look and feel of a butane torch in a convenient 5.5 inch size, the Newport torch is the lighter of choice for many enthusiasts all over.

The Newport is available in a range of colors, including black, blue, green, pink, and orange. An adjustment knob allows you to control the flame height and intensity as desired, as well as offer a unique way to light it.

Its sturdy, weighty construction is sure to outmatch any other lighter you've used before, fitting more comfortably in the hand than traditional lighters. A sturdy base allows you to set it down if needed, and the removable fuel supply enclosed at the bottom port allows for easy replacement and refill, saving you time and trouble fumbling around with the torch.

When it comes to lighters, there's really no contest when compared to the mini Newport cigar torch.

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