Nucleus Glass Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong

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A well-designed bong can make the smoking of combustible smoke products nearly as smooth as vaping. This ability of a good bong to turn smoking normally harsh products into a mellow, aromatic and flavorful experience is just why so many people have shifted their means of smoking to primarily bong use. 

No water pipe manufacturer has more claim to creating innovative and artistic smoking pieces than Nucleus Glass. With its borosilicate, laboratory-grade glass water pipe products, Nucleus Glass creates the most visually stunning and highly effective smoking implements in the world. 

One of the company's master works is its 16.5 inch-tall Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong. This bong is a true work of art. When in use, the action of the water chambers interacting with the smoke creates captivating visual effects. And the triple showerhead filtration assembly delivers some of the smoothest, coolest, most flavorful smoke that you'll ever taste. 

The Stacked Inverted Showerhead Bong also features a 90 degree joint as well as a Dewar joint. This makes it an ideal piece to also use for Dabbing. And the scientific glass can withstand thousands of degrees without deforming or expanding, enough to easily withstand heating from a torch or prolonged use in a traditional smoking configuration. 

This bong is also very reasonably priced. While not as cheap as many others, it is worth the step up for a true borosilicate pipe, especially if it will be used in demanding circumstances, like repeated Dabbing. 

Overall, this is a great bong and highly recommended.

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