Nucleus Glass Thick Split Circle Perc Bong

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With so many options for smoking aficionados on the market today, it's no wonder that we're living in a golden age of bong design. Many people are migrating over to the use of modern, scientifically engineered bongs not just because of the superior smoking experience they deliver but also because modern bong craftsmanship has been elevated to an art form. Unlike in the past, when a bong was something a user might hide under their bed, modern bongs are both decorative and functional items that can serve as the centerpiece of a room. 

Nucleus Glass is a world leader in the creation of bongs that are both works of high art and means to high times. The Nucleus Glass Thick Split Circle Perc Bong is a great example. Standing at 9.5 inches in total length, the Thick Split Circle Perc Bong is reminiscent of a bottle. But closer inspection reveals the stunning detail of the perc, which is seemingly suspended in the middle of the water chamber, allowing for incredibly thorough filtration for just a single-chamber water pipe. 

The bong features an 18mm female joint, a Dewar's Joint and a 90 degree main joint. Like all Nucleus Glass products, it's made from scientific-grade borosilicate, the same tough glass that most professional lab containers are constructed from. This gives it both an extremely high temperature tolerance as well as high resistance to breaking. 

The bong can also be used for dabbing and is able to easily withstand heating from a torch or electric nail.

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