Original Cones

Original Cones have been a staple for many people since all the way back in 1994. If you're looking for cigarette paper that's been rolled in advance, this traditional offering may be the right solution. These airtight cones are equipped with cardboard filters that are attached directly to their foundations. The paper is notably thin as well. Its also known for its slow burning properties. It burns slowly regardless of the style and size you select. People can pick between king, party and giga sizes. They can opt for the 1 to 1/4 inch size as well. If you opt for this last size, you receive packs that include six cones. If you opt for giga and party sizes, your packs will include single cones. If you pick king size, last but not least, you'll receive packs that consist of three cones total. Classic and natural style options are available to purchasers, too.

Original Cones can be terrific for convenience and ease. If you want to improve your Original Cones experience in a dramatic way, you can buy numerous extras. People who purchase Original Cones frequently invest in four piece herb grinders, hemp wicks and spoolies. People who want to relish cigarette paper that's natural and 100 percent unbleached often turn to Original Cones. These cones have many dedicated and enthusiastic followers everywhere. If you like the idea of rolling in style and with all the class and flair in the world, you can't go wrong with Original Cones.

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