Plenty Vaporizer

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Designed by the makers of the legendary Volcano, the Plenty is an incredibly powerful portable vaporizer is a silent, lightweight kit that provides high yield, effective vaporization. It features a double helix heat exchange for efficient, safe operation and a highly efficient stainless steel coil for pleasant aroma and smooth taste.

Users who are a fan of the whip style design will love the unique design and unsurpassed functionality of the Plenty. The convection heating provides 100 percent true vaporization with an easy draw experience that is as close to the smoking feeling as you can achieve without burning your herb.åÊ

Notable features include the extra wide surface area of the herb chamber, which conserves your dry material and provides maximum vapor; the large chamber that can be packed with as much material as you choose for a customizable experience; the cooling coil that ensures smooth, cool vapor each and every time; and the easy clean design that can be dissembled for maintenance and part replacement. Storz and Bickel is known for producing some of the highest quality, best designed vaporizers on the market, and the Plenty is no exception. This is one of the few portable options that truly delivers.

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