Prepara Evak Mini Airtight Stash Jar

by Prepara
Every dry herb aficionado needs a good stash jar. After all, not only do you probably want to keep all of your stash in one place so that you won't lose it, but it's probably also important to you to make sure that you keep your herb nice and fresh. One perfect container for this use is the Prepara Evak Mini Airtight Stash Jar.

Since this is the mini version, it certainly is not the largest stash jar that you will find. However, this compact stash jar, which is only three-and-a-half inches tall, and can actually hold up to 1/4 ounce of tobacco at one time. It can hold a lot more than many people realize, regardless of its short stature.

The fact that it can hold an ample amount of tobacco or dry herb isn't the only benefit of this stash jar. Because of its design, it is airtight when it's closed. This means that you'll know that you'll be keeping your stash as fresh as possible. In fact, it even has a twin valve system, meaning that as you're closing the lid, the system is pushing any leftover air out. This will help you keep your herb fresh for as long as possible, and in the meantime, you're sure to enjoy the look of this simple yet attractive stash jar.

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