Puffit Vaporizer

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The Puffit vaporizer mimics the appearance of an asthma inhaler for truly discreet operation. It's silent, odor free, and fits in the palm of your hand. The proprietary gold plated heat chamber distributes heat evenly throughout your dry herb for quick, effective vapor production. Digitally controllable temperature settings allow you to customize your experience, while the USB port allows you to charge your device quickly and easily, whether you're at home, in your car, or at the office.åÊ

To use the Puffit, simply activate the heating element by pressing down on the cool touch aluminum cap. Fill the bowl almost all the way to the top, using a fine grind for maximum efficiency. The stirring tool cap insert allows you to easily mix your ground herb between hits to ensure that it all gets vaporized evenly. The package also comes with several replacement stains, a combination cleaning and packing tool, a replaceable mouthpiece, a USB charger, and a silicone heat shield, all packaged in a convenient, portable neoprene case that keeps the water out and your equipment safe.

If you're looking for a truly stealthy, optimally discreet portable vaporizer, consider the awesome functionality and sleek design of the original Puffit vaporizer.

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