Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

There's no more convenient or quicker way to ensure you're always ready to smoke, when on the go, than to have a good supply of top-quality rolling papers at the ready.̴Ì_

Pure Hemp Unbleached 11/4 rolling papers are made of Spanish hemp, carefully selected to ensure the smoothest smoking experience possible. And unlike many similar papers that you would see at a gas station or head shop, Pure Hemp papers are 100 percent organic. There are no added chemicals of any kind. This not only makes for a much smoother smoke, it also reduces the health risks associated with smoking treated papers, some of which may contain chemicals that become carcinogenic when combusted.̴Ì_

As the name suggests, Pure Hemp rolling papers are made 100 percent free of the use of any tree material. Through its special, proprietary technology, Miquel y Costas & Miquel has been able to develop a completely hemp-pulp-based smoking paper that is both low in ash and slow-burning. The papers are also complimented by a gum line that makes use of material harvested from the African Acacia tree. All this adds up to a totally organic, chemical-free smoking experience that makes Pure Hemp the aficionado's choice for self-rolling smoking papers.̴Ì_

Pure Hemp is a brand of Miquel Y Costas, one of the oldest and most trusted names in smoking accessories across the globe. In continuous operation since the 18th century, it has, perhaps, more experience than anyone else on the globe in the production of high quality rolling paper.

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