Randy's Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit

by Randy's
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Randy’s Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit has everything you need to vape at home or on the go. The vape itself is 4.75 inches tall and has a 1500 MAh Battery. It has a maximum temperature of 840 degrees Fahrenheit and reaches 480 degrees Fahrenheit in a mind blowing 4 seconds. 

The piece has a no-splash ceramic dish that allows you to place wax or other concentrates onto the heating element which is surrounded by thick protective glass. The piece comes with two removable mouthpieces. One is short and good for when you’re taking the vape somewhere. The other one has an open top and long curved stem that enhances the smoking experience and provides a classic dab feel. The piece is simple to take apart and put together making it ideal for transporting. 

The kit also comes with a metal dab tool, a carb cap, a USB charger, and an instruction manual. This is the perfect kit for the smoker that wants to get into dab vapes or the smoker that wants a high powered rig that can be carried around in a pocket. The vape and the glass accessories are very easy to clean, so you can use this piece daily without having to worry about nasty gunk building up.

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