Randy's Wired Rolling Papers

by Randy's
For a good quality smoke, you need good quality paper. You can't expect results if you're rolling with a sheet of printer paper or a used gum wrapper, or anything similarly bad. That's why you need to spring for quality.

When the issue of what kind of rolling papers you need to buy comes up, look no further than Randy's Classic wired rolling papers. These rolling papers are the perfect answer to your smoking needs, produced by a brand known for exceptional quality over its many years of operations.

Made in America, Randy's are some of the most user friendly rolling papers you can buy. Available in the regular 1-1/4'' size or King Size 3'' versions, each pack of 24 leaves is designed for a clean, smooth-tasting burn. In addition to sizes, buyers can choose between the traditional paper leaves and those made from genuine hemp fibers depending on their tastes.

The main difference between Randy's papers and other brands is the stainless steel wire embedded into one end of the rolling papers. This wire helps to keep a grip on the paper while rolling, as well as provide a handle to smoke with. If you'd rather not use it, though, it's easily removable without destroying the paper around it.

There's a reason Randy's has been in business since 1975. With the right combination of quality, convenience, and affordability, Randy's Classic wired rolling papers are a great choice for any smoker looking to stock up on some extra papers.

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