Randy's Replacement Coil for Pilot Vaporizer

by Randy's
If you are the proud owner of a Pilot Vaporizer, you know just how much it can change your experience when using dry herb. Designed to help you get a smooth hit without all of the smoke -- and therefore without all of the smell or the coughing -- it's a high-end vaporizer that is a must-have for any dry herb aficionado. However, even the best of vaporizers sometimes need replacement parts, which is where the Randy's Replacement Coil for Pilot Vaporizer comes in handy.

Designed specifically for use with the Randy's Pilot Vaporizer, this replacement coil is made out of titanium and features a ceramic dish. One thing that you are sure to notice once you begin using this replacement coil is the fact that the coil is not actually contained within the dish. Many people find that this allows them to enjoy a much more flavorful hit. If you'd like to get a better taste of your favorite dry herb, this is the perfect replacement part for your vaporizer. The coil can even be temperature controlled so that you can prevent your dry herb from burning and your vaporizer from getting too hot for you to easily handle it.

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