Pre-Rolled Organic Cones

by RAW
Most appreciators of fine smoking products would agree that RAW is one of the most popular brands of rolling papers on the market. These RAW King Size Organic Cones come pre-rolled and ready for the addition of your ground herbs. The paper used to make these cones is completely organic, and it burns at a smoother and slower rate than similar products. It doesn't matter if you're running low on time with these cones since you can easily smoke up with just a few flicks of the wrist.

Not only are these papers organic, but they are gluten free, chlorine free, and unbleached as well. These are so pure that Vegans could enjoy them without worry. RAW produces these papers in Alcoy, Spain, and they use a bit of natural sugar gum to help seal the paper once it has been rolled. Only durable natural fibers are used to create RAW rolling papers, and cones from RAW come in a wide range of sizes. This particular pack comes with three cones, but you can opt for packages of different sizes.

If you're just getting started with rolling your own herbs, this is an excellent place to get moving. Rolling one of these cones is much simpler than starting from scratch, and they save time and energy for those who are accustomed to the typical hassle of rolling.

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