RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack

by RAW
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Rapper Wiz Khalifa observed, “Good things come in good time,” and the RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack is a very good thing indeed. It doesn’t do the RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack justice to call it a mere pack of rolling papers when it really happens to be an all-purpose one-stop-shop containing everything you'll need to assemble a quality smoke. Not only does every Loud Pack contain a full packet of 1-¼ RAW classic natural unrefined rolling papers known for their natural processing and even burn, but the whole Loud Pack setup comes with a set of RAW long-fiber tips that roll up smoothly and have a firm body that keeps their shape.(Besides, the fine art of rolling your RAW tips into custom shapes is a great way to impress people with your dank origami skills.) The RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack was designed with the needs of a smoker in mind: the whole foldable pack opens up into its own little rolling tray, and it’s hard to get more convenient than that. Best of all, for anyone who’s ever had to dig around looking for a ballpoint pen or a toothpick to improve the distribution of their tobacco or dried herbs, the RAW Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack comes with its very own built-in poker. Uh-huh, you know what it is!

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