Red Collector's Series 1-1/4 Rolling Papers

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These Elements Red Collector’s Series Rolling Papers are the perfect choice when it comes time to roll one up. They are a dream to work with and the best part is they look as good as the smoke. The unique color scheme of a red paper with silver lettering is a eye catching contrast for a pleasant design and easy on the eye. The papers also have a watermarked Criss Cross design on them to prevent runs while maintaining a smooth and even burn throughout the session. This is an Element design which also leads to a slower burn with less ash. 
One of the best parts of this pack of papers is the magnetic strip which keeps it closed. Great for putting in a pocket and having the peace of mind of being able to pull it out the same way it went in. No more wasting half a pack of papers due to unwanted exposure. These papers are made out of hemp and are lined with a sugar gum for tight sealing for a perfect roll. These papers come in 50 per pack, are made in Spain, and measure 1-1/4. The Red Collector’s Series by Elements are a superior choice of rolling papers with a unique design and excellent function. Smoking with these papers is a joy unto itself, making every session that much more relaxing.

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