Ryot Acrylic Taster Bat w/ Digger Tip

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed a small one-hitter with a specialized tip for packing your dry herbs? Perhaps you don't particularly enjoy handling your dry herbs directly with your fingers, or perhaps you need to be quick and relatively discreet with your session. With this Acrylic Taster Bat w/ Digger Tip from RYOT, you won't have to worry about those sorts of scenarios ever again. This is the perfect tool for enjoying personal dry herbs while on the go.

RYOT has an excellent reputation for producing some of the most versatile and durable acrylic products in the world of pipes. This particular one-hitter is no different. It's made from the most advanced acrylic material along with a removable steel tip that has been milled with jagged teeth to facilitate packing the bowl. Once you have your dry herbs ground and ready to go, you can simply stick the metallic tip into the pile of ground herbs and the teeth will collect as much as they can within the tip. A simple press with the tip of your finger will tighten the pack.

This taster bat comes in either small or large sizes, but both are small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket. The large size is only an inch longer than the small size, but they both work exceptionally well. Internally, the inhalation path is made of steel as well, so the piece will last a lifetime. It also comes in a number of brilliant colors.

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