Ryot Acrylic Taster Box

There are six different colors available for the RYOT Acrylic Taster Box including purple, yellow and green. The details on the outside of the box are extraordinary. There are black swirls in various shades that can be seen interacting with the primary color of the box. Two storage compartments offer plenty of room for storing the herbs or tobacco that you smoke as well as a hitter. A magnetic lid on top of the container swivels to reveal the hollowed out divisions.̴Ì_

You can do more with the compartments aside from just making sure your herbs and hitter are secure. There is a metal poker underneath the taster box. It's secured by a magnet to keep it in place. The poker can be used to pack the herbs in the hitter so that you get the full benefit from the product you're smoking. Pull the round end of the poker to use it with the hitter. The acrylic design is shiny and is easy to keep clean. The size of the box easily fits into a pocket or other areas so that it's out of the way until you're ready to use the herbs that you have stored in the compartment.

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