Signature Glassworks Patriot Swirl Hand Pipe

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Show your patriotism with this patriot swirl hand pipe. It is more than a glass pipe, it is a handcrafted piece of artwork. This beautiful pipe has blue cobalt swirls encircling the cloudy center. Reddish-brown swirls complement the blue and white colors. The white becomes a yellow hue in the light. This glass pipe is crafted with American pride. 

Quality American Glass
All of our glass products are constructed with quality materials. The glass is made in the United States. American glass is well-made and reliable. It is known for its sturdiness and durability. This glass pipe has unique colored accents that enhance its aesthetic, and it will look great in any glass collection. 

Heated Thick Glass
The deep bowl can hold a large quantity of tobacco and herbs. The thick glass is heated to a high temperature, and the heat releases fumes. The fumes bind to the surface and create a semi-transparent design. The glass will appear a different color in different lighting. The fumed glass will change to a different color when it is exposed to fire. This thick glass can stay in great condition for many years.

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