Ultra Fine 1-1/4 Rolling Papers

by SMK
You know what you can do with these SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers? Oh, of course, you can smoke with them -- and who wouldn’t want to? It’s no surprise SMK Ultrafines are so good: they’re made by Miquel y Costas & Miquel in Spain, a company that’s been in the business of making high-quality rolling papers since 1879. No, with fifty leaves per pack and premium-quality natural gum for closing your smokes nice and tightly, SMK rolling papers add quality to your experience and always have. At 70 x 45mm, SMK papers conveniently work with any 79mm roller, so many fine smokes can be made with SMK papers, but here’s what else you can do with them: This is not some pack of thick-leaved cardboard monsters you could bag your groceries with. Oh, not even close. SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers are so thin and delicate that you can read these very words right through them. Go ahead. Try it. SMK Ultrafines are that good. When you roll with these luxury slow-burners, it’s like gently enveloping your tobacco in a fine paper cloud. You’ll be amazed at the difference between the modest price and the world-class quality of SMK Ultrafines. These ultra-lightweight papers stand back and allow the flavor and quality of your smokes to take center stage here, but really -- you need to try that for yourself

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