this thing rips smoke ball silicone jar

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The Pokemon Go trend is far from over. If you're a die-hard Pokemon fan who loves your concentrates, the Smoke Ball Silicone Jar is sure to be the perfect choice for you. Modeled after the Poke Ball, this Smoke Ball Silicone Jar comes in red and white and makes the perfect home for your accessories. 

When you pop open the red top, it won't be a Pokemon that you are releasing. Instead, you will then be able to access the inner cavity, which is housed within the white bottom part. Here, you have the perfect place to stash your concentrates. Once you have your concentrates in place, you can simply snap the red lid back into place, and you'll know that your concentrates are tightly sealed. This can help you enjoy maximum freshness for as long as possible, and you don't have to worry about any product spilling out, even if you tip the Smoke Ball Silicone Jar over.

There is no reason to store your concentrates in a boring container when the Smoke Ball Silicone Jar is such an affordable choice. This cool accessory is brought to you by This Thing Rips!, which offers other great dab tools and accessories for the smoking connoisseur who likes to do things a little differently.

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