Wulf Mods 60 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod

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TheåÊWulf Mods 60 Watt Temperature Control Box ModåÊis yet another in the long line of fine vaporizer components from Wulf Mods. This box mod is made to allow adjustable temperature settings, which is a complex feature of modern box mods. The device is capable of outputting up to 60 watts of power, which allows for massive vapor generation and superior taste. It is compatible with sub-ohm vaping, and features an OLED display that constantly keeps the user informed of the temp setting, battery level, and power output.

This box has four primary settings, which include normal, temp control Celsius, temp control Fahrenheit, and bypass. With so many options, you can have the ultimate control over the customization of your vapor, matching your experience to your preference. The box has a USB port for updating and recharging the battery. The device is fully ergonomic and has three buttons for control: two adjustment buttons and one power button.

The device uses a lithium battery that offers extended utility between recharges. The included USB cable not only recharges the battery, but it also allows for downloadable firmware updates. The device is printed with the Wulf Mods logo on the side, and it comes with a sleek black matte finish with stainless steel trim.

The versatility possible with this box is nearly endless. It can be used with a variety of sub-ohm and standard tanks, but it works best with any of the other Wulf Mods products. Advanced knowledge is required for many sub-ohm devices, so plan accordingly.

Key Features of theåÊWulf Mods 60 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod:
  • Highly Portable Design
  • Protection Against Reverse Polarity
  • Update Firmware Via USB
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Includes Silicone Case
  • Includes USB Cable

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