Wulf Mods Etech 3

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The Wulf Mods ETech 3 vaporizer is a variable voltage, high-quality model which allows you to experience the best that vaping has to offer. With a voltage range of up to six volts paired with 2600 mAh battery power, the Etech 3 easily produces a deep inhale and huge cloud while still allowing use at lower volts for those who prefer a slower draw. Most 510 attachments are compatible with the Etech 3, making it a great choice for a variety of atomizers and clearomizers.

The vaporizer comes in several colors, from sleek blue to vibrant red to classic black. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries mean you never have to waste money on disposable batteries, and short circuit protection ensures a safe vaping experience. At four inches long and 0.875 inches in diameter, many customers enjoy the Etech 3's more compact size when compared to similar vaporizers. Many other models hover around the six-inch mark in length, making them difficult to store when on the go. The Etech 3 is short enough to be slipped in a pants pocket or placed in a bag when not in use. However, its most unique feature is arguably its ability to be used as a power source for other USB-compatible small electronics. Simply plug in your device via USB and watch it charge while connected to the vaporizer.

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