Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mechanical Series Box Mod

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The Hell Hound Mechanical Series Box Mod, which is made by Wulf Mods, is a luxurious and powerful box mod. This mod was made in the USA, and it certainly shows a great attention to style and detail. The sleek black background, gorgeous golden plated buttons, and wonderfully distinctive logos all look extremely sleek and professional. Also, this product has a wonderfully unexpected soft feel. It is actually coated with a dark rubbery material that makes it very plush to touch.åÊ

This is a dual 18650 battery product, which gives this mod its extra power. You just easily slide off the back to put your batteries in, be sure everything is charged, safe, and ready to go, and then start vaping.

The Hell Hound does have circuit protection, vented covers, and an internal on/off switch. The complete copper connections will help you get the most power out of the 18650 batteries.åÊ

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