Wulf Vape Classic Dry Vaporizer

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TheåÊWulf Vape Classic Dry VaporizeråÊis one of the most versatile personal aromatherapy devices on the market. It has the ability to function with dried aromatic blends, wax concentrates, and oils. That level of utility is quite rare among dry vaporizers, but this unit from Wulf Mods does the trick. It only takes about 90 seconds for the heating element to warm up to its optimal temperature, which makes this vape perfect for on the go. The unit is sleek and fits right in your pocket when not in use, which allows for inconspicuous vaping while in public. It has three dedicated temperature settings that include 360 degree Fahrenheit, 380 F, and 420 F.

The Wulf Vape Classic is available in both red and black, and more colors are thought to be in the works for future versions. The vaporizer itself comes with a 1 year warranty, which covers manufacturer defects and other production flaws. The battery comes with a 90 day warranty, so you can be sure you'll get a device that works perfectly. The unit charges with an included USB charger, so you can boost your battery level just about anywhere. Loading the device is quick and easy, as well. Simply place your material within the heating canister, which then inserts into to the unit. The device also features an auto-off mechanism to prevent overheating and to save battery life.

Key Features of theåÊWulf Vape Classic Dry Vaporizer:
  • Direct Draw
  • 90 Second Heat-Up
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Three Temp Settings: 360 F, 380 F, and 420 F
  • Sleek Plastic Exterior
  • Available in Black and Red
  • 1 Year Warranty on Vaporizer
  • 90 Day Warranty on Battery
  • Includes USB Charger
  • Includes Filter
  • Includes Instruction Manual

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